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Sapphires and rubies are some of the oldest precious gems known to man. Both sapphires and rubies belong to the same mineral family namely, corrundum. The gemstone is known for it's toughness and comes second to only diamonds on the Mohs hardness scale. While diamonds measure a complete 10 (max reading) on the Mohs scale, sapphire and ruby come a close second at 9.

The high demand for sapphires has enabled this precious stone to maintain a consistently high price level. Though sapphires are mined in many countries, there are a few well known sources for sapphires. Australia, Thailand and Madagascar is where the larges volumes of blue sapphires come from. Sri Lanka formerly known as Ceylon has mines that produce some of the most sought after blue sapphires. You could say that sapphire is a royal gemstone for more reasons than one. Almost every royal family on the globe would have a few sapphire gems or sapphire gemstone jewels, that are considered to be top value jewels.

The 2011 British Royal Wedding saw Prince William we Kate Middleton. One of the highlights of the royal celebration was an 18 carat ceylon blue sapphire gemstone ring, set with diamonds around the sapphire. The gemstone has a significance of it's own, it was first worn by Lady Diana Spencer for her engagement. Originally believed to be worth around 25,000 U.S$ about 35 years ago, the same stone is today being valued at over half a million U.S$ dollars!. The resources box lower down on this page has complete information on the gorgeous sapphire diamond ring that Prince William presented Kate Middleton. Interestingly, the couple decided to have just one ring for the wedding and engagement.

Sapphires are available in various colors, white, blue, yellow, green, pink, orange are some of the popular sapphire gems used in jewelry. If you went strictly by the books, corrundum that is red or a reddish-pink is to be called ruby. All other shades of corrundum fall within the category of sapphire.

At Directstones we procure sapphires in all colors directly from the mining locations. The gems are then custom cut to your specifications. You can purchase loose sapphire gems or request for a complete jewel to be custom made. Our support team at will be glad to provide you with any information that you need related to gems and jewelry. We have no minimum order stipulations in terms of volume or value, even single piece gem stone or jewelry orders are welcome.


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